Tuesday 2 March 2010

Early morning call

I was up very early this morning thanks to Twiggy (one of our cats), who has gone deaf so feels the need to yell at a ridiculous volume for a tiny cat when she wants to go out or thinks it is breakfast time. 3.20am was her first calling!!

By the third time of getting up to her and still before 6am I decided I may as well stay up this time.

Needless to say I got a head start on the morning chores and had fed the boys and the weanlings and was on to the girls for 7.30 which took some of them by surprise. Willow and Chiquita are always last to get up but this morning they were still fast asleep.

I'm sure I have seen Willow's cria move today. She always displays cria movement early in comparison to most of the herd. She is a compact girl so room will be tight in there. That is probably another reason she has one of our herds shortest gestation periods.

Whilst on the subject of cria, Alice is really starting to show the signs of later pregnancy. She is rather rotund and walking very slowly everywhere, up until recently she would run to the feed troughs but not anymore. She still has two months to go yet!

I have spent hours cleaning the fields today. Having been away last week and it being too wet to clean before that the job has become a mammoth task. I think I need to put another manure advert on Freecycle too as there is rather a large collection developing.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Who needs an alarm clock !!..not you, by the sound of things....hopefully by the time your cria ar due,we will be well on our way to Summer ....Yipee !!!....Jayne