Thursday 4 March 2010

Time to step on the scales

It has been another glorious sunny day today, the temperature was still cold though and the ice on the troughs was particularly thick this morning.

I decided to weigh the youngsters before they get wet, depending on where you look we may have rain tomorrow. Everyone is still heading in the right direction which is always good to see.

Kealani has had another spurt, I thought she felt like she had put on a fair bit the other night when I picked her up. It turns out she is only 100gms less than Sandstorm!

She is definitely ready to be weaned , maybe we will do that this weekend whilst we can keep a close eye on her. I would normally wean them out of sight of mum but as I have moved the girls up a field, they will be able to see each other. I doubt Oonagh will mind but Kealani might miss her milk as she doesn't often eat hard feed.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said... it that terrible time already !....You're nasty !...Im waiting until at least..April !...I have a special delivery...coming soon and I'll be too busy...loving that !!!!.....Jayne