Saturday 27 March 2010

Off to a new home

Today was the day when Aria, Milly and Heidi headed off up to their new home in Scotland at Lavender Bee Alpacas.

The girls were extremely well behaved, you never quite know when it comes to pregnant girls how they will react to strange situations but they were great. It was quite sad waving goodbye to them as they drove off up the road. I'm never very good at that bit!

Here are the girls saying their farewells.

As you can see from the next shot the girls are heads down and tucking into their new grass. I am sure they will settle in nicely and be very happy with the Millers.

It was the first time since Heidi was weaned that she'd been back with her mum and they had a good sniff of each other. I think Tenzing was missing Heidi a little this afternoon as those two used to play fight a fair bit together.

Juliet showed me some lovely naturally dyed yarn she was knitting with which she had spun from Guassian (Geena's 2008 son). She happily took home what I had left of Milly and Aria's fleece which will hopefully keep her going until shearing in a couple of months time.

Finally just a quick lamb update, they are both still here and doing just fine. They have been out in the sunshine today waiting for a suitable four legged mummy to come along. In the meantime the Miller children enjoyed feeding them at lunchtime.


Knapper Alpakka said...

Lovely how they peek out of the trailer :-)

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

I expect saying 'goodbye' is quite a wrench - I must toughen myself up for that bit...

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Im sure they will be fine in their new home...! tears...up here mind..with Duke !..xx..I'll be doing that for everybody !...little lambs are beautiful !....and sweet...Jayne