Wednesday 3 March 2010

Top camelidynamics tips

I have had a lovely day today, the sun has been shining and I have had a visitor which is always nice.

Hilary Cross from Inglefield Alpacas came to visit, we had a look at the boys who were all remarkably well behaved, after that is, they had all rolled in the dirtiest bit of ground they could find. Thanks boys!

Hilary showed me some camelidynamics tips, Paul and I had tried the bracelet hold before with mixed results. It turns out we were holding them too tight and not quite in the right place. Whilst Hilary was demonstrating the hold with Legend I was able to lift his feet with relative ease, which regular readers will no is not normally the case.

I will be putting this technique to good use in the future. I was already quite keen to go on a camelidynamics course and I am even more so now.

We had a rummage through some of the weanlings fleeces and Hilary got to compare her two youngsters to two of ours from the same sires which was good.

We also looked at some of the girls, I've got to say I really do like Sienna's fleece. No matter where you open it it is so uniform in colour, staple and character, I can't wait to get her mated in the Spring. I intend to wait until Willow is remated though as I don't like to have a maiden birthing first.


hilaryc said...

Thanks for a great day - loved the ways all the boys rolled in the same spot.

Your place is grand - and great to see the alpacas you speak of on here.Hope I didn't put you too too behind on your days jobs.


Marty McGee Bennett has given three two day seminars at our farm. The bracelet is a life saving tool for us. We lead our alpacas around using it. They like that they don't feel contained. We hired a shearer one year, whose assisstant would catch an alpaca and wrestle her to the shearer. He dropped his jaw when he saw me lead one over just using the bracelet!