Sunday 28 March 2010

It broke!

What broke I hear you say..................... one of the chain harrows - I'm glad Paul was pulling it or it would have been something I'd done wrong!

We have had a busy day, the weanlings got some fresh grass and moved up into the next little field so they were very happy. Although this evening they didn't want to go in their shelter despite the rain.

Whilst Paul was breaking the chain harrow I cleaned the weanlings old field and then he harrowed it; with a temporarily fixed harrow! At this point I was pulling the muck truck round the girls field cleaning; maybe we should have kept that old quad after all.

Typically Alan has still had no suitable adoption candidates lamb so I still have my two little lodgers. They really are sweet and I'm getting very attached to them - I won't tell him though or they'll be a permanent fixture and my own ewes will be lambing very soon. The forecast isn't looking good for next week so the sheep are bound to lamb.

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