Wednesday 9 January 2013

Alive and well

I thought it was about time I let people know I am still alive and well and Paul didn't bump me off over the Christmas and New Year period!

I have quite enjoyed him blogging for me, not so sure I like some of his photos but I never did like having my photo taken - that's one advantage to not being able to upload photo's I suppose.  Which incidentally I still can't work out how to do so I think I need to talk to the technical department (Paul) about Google Chrome.

Things have been all go since the last blog, thankfully we have had a couple of dry days so most of the animals have been out.  Today all the alpacas and even the goaties went out, with the exception of the two youngest girls as I still have Galileo with the girls and they are too young for mating.

Basil and his, in need of attention, lamb entourage have remained inside, although most could probably venture back outside now, although with snow forecast for the weekend I think I will keep them in a little longer to be on the safe side. 

There are two lambs that aren't up to going out, one was a casualty I picked up on the rounds this morning.  He was stuck on his side and looking very sorry for himself but does seem to have perked up and is now up and moving.  The other is a ewe lamb who has been in since the weekend, still isn't very keen to move much although she is eating hay but like so many of the blackies wont touch feed.  Sheep; who'd have em eh!!

With the sun out I headed out with the camera, but with all the mud the photos aren't pretty but as soon as I can I will share a few alpaca photo's with you.  The cria are all (well mainly, mentioning no names Pablo) growing nicely and all being well there will be a spot of weaning going on shortly - I hate it and keep finding an excuse to delay it, but it can't carry on.  More hurdles have arrived for shed divisions so this weekend it is then....


Apple Vale Alpacas said...

There aren't many photogenic alpacas at the moment, but at least that means they are out and getting some daylight for vitamin D, and grazing, even if conditions are challenging - after all that's what their original habitat is like (albeit drier).

Shirley said...

I think we are all enjoying drier weather - for the moment. Don't like the sound of the weekend's weather though! Shirley & Robbie

Rosemary said...

Glad Paul didn't stick you in the freezer over Christmas - kept checking you appeared in a photo just to be sure!

I am very envious of your barn to get the animals inside when needed - it is the mud that is getting me down!