Sunday 27 January 2013

The big thaw begins

At last the snow is melting, mind you that's not before another 33cm (12in) of snow fell over Friday night and Saturday morning according the the Met Office weather station at Redesdale (the valley we look over) - the most recorded this year!

Never again will I wish for snow rather than mud, we are still unable to get to all of our sheep and lambs so the devastating reality won't we confirmed for a few days, but I know it's not going to be good, its heartbreaking.

Thankfully all the alpacas, goats and what we considered the most vulnerable sheep were and still are in the shed eating hay morning day and night. 

Unfortunately the hay delivery has been unable to get either so I'm literally on my last big bale then it will be down to the few small square ones we keep for easy transportation.  By my calculations we will have about 3 spare small bales by Saturday when the hay is now due to arrive!

Yesterday we managed to get the thick of the snow off the top bit of our drive so the drifts of 3 and 4 feet were down to more like three inches and Ian our neighbour dug out the bottom of the drive so we were able to get the car and my ton of Camelibra up to the barn.

Hettie the tractor having a well deserved sunbathe after pushing tons of snow - note to self, buy a buck for the front before next winter!
Thankfully more thawed over night and we dug more away this morning as we needed to get out with the trailer this afternoon, I forgot to ask permission to say why so I'd better not.  On the way out it was a little slippy, on the way back we got stuck three times and I had to dig the car and trailer out!


oak haven alpacas said...

oh no!! 12 inches of snow in a short time frame is so rough :( I hope and pray all the sheep are well and your hay gets to you in time.


Bev said...

Thank goodness you planned the huge barn and had it ready in time, it sounds like it's been a life saver. You'll soon be back on an even keel (do you even remember what that feels like after the last two years!)

Judi B said...

tehol6051Thinking of you and hoping that things aren't as bad as you fear once the thaw arrives.

Rosemary said...

Very snowy! And not much fun when you have animals! Hope it is continuing to melt.

Shirley said...

Hope you've managed to get to your sheep by now and hope the snow is disappearing for you. shirley & Robbie

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Sounds like the worst snowfall for years in your area ! Hope the melt is quick and the casulties are few, I guess with hindsight bringing the sheep nearer, might have made life alot easier for everyone .. here's hoping this is the last of the heavy snowfall for this year ...roll on the Spring ! ....Jayne