Monday 7 January 2013

Blogger photo upload problems...(Paul)

Hi everyone,

Just a quick one tonight as it is late and yes we are still here and haven't washed away in the rain yet!

We had some great photos to share with you but I'm afraid Blogger seems to be playing up and for the last 2 days will not let us upload any photos - most annoying!

There has been some good interest in our two new alpaca livery girls that are for sale and this has led to a couple of enquiries about two of the girls in our main herd!  Well if you don't ask...

Good news on Azrael (black male, daugther of Lucia and Loki).  Now he is munching on hard food the goats milk is off the menu! No doubt the local supermarket will wonder why they suddenly have a drop off in demand for the stuff!

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Shirley said...

Know what you mean about not being able to upload photos. We had to empty a lot of photos from our very old blogs via Picasa web album as we had used up all our free space. Good luck! Shirley & Robbie