Thursday 24 January 2013

Boys will be boys

Thank you for all of your concern and good wishes, it is grately appreciated.  The snow is still causing chaos here and to say I'm well and truly sick of it would be an understatement.  Even the easiest task is such hard work and exhausting.

We have another weather warning for tomorrow, but hopefully after that we will see an end to the white stuff, then we'll be complaining about mud again - there's no pleasing some folk!

This afternoon I decided to put the boys out for a bit in the yard, its not safe to let them out into the fields as it's so deep in places.  Hughie thought the snow was great fun and spent five minutes jumping, kicking and running round in the snow.

Hughie is the only gelding we have here and he's a bit of a mummy's boy; he loves me!  He can be a bit of a pest at times though.

Golden Guinea on the other hand refused to leave the comfort of his bed so I had to work round him.


janet said...

Hi Debbie, the photo,s of Hughie in the snow are really good. He looks like he was enoying himself. You are doing a brilliant job looking after the animals in such awful conditions. Take

Unknown said...

I promise never to complain again that we have missed out on the snow all but one day. Great photos though!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures of Hughie larking about in the snow.
Hope this weather improves for your sake....x x x

Shirley said...

Forecast looks a bit better after the weekend - at last! Shirley & Robbie

Rosemary said...

Heavy rain here - mud to contend with next!
Hope you didn't end up with more snow.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

The thaw is nigh !!!! Hang on in there !.... Jayne