Thursday 31 January 2013

Wild and wind swept

The wind has been blowing an absolute gale today and with driving rain on an off all day the alpacas and goats (who hate the wet) have been inside all day.  It's great for them, not so great for me trying to keep them clean.

The alpacas and goats are much cleaner than the sheep mind and there's not as many sheep in the shed. 

In between my outside jobs I have managed to get a few shop updates done today, our knitwear was really popular again last year with increased sales again which is great.  Many repeat customers coming back time and time again is a great sign of satisfaction.

Here are a few of the latest items we've added to the collection.

Tomorrow we have the vet coming to do an insurance check for one girl and I want a spot of advice on the goaties, I've never kidded before and I like to make sure I'm doing everything right.


Unknown said...

Just leave the kidding to Paul he likes having us on!!

Bev said...

Love the lacey lavender.