Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Barnacre get BBC coverage

Following on from the Beeb visit last week, the article has now been posted on the BBC Online website. Check it out below:-


Hughie is famous again; never one to miss out on a photo opportunity! I'm really pleased with the article actually, its always nice to introduce new people to alpacas and the herd enjoyed the attention too - any excuse to talk alpaca!! Hopefully people will enjoy reading it, the website counter has ticked up a few more than normal today so I think it's aroused some interest.

The weather has been pretty poor again so not only have the animals been trying to hide away so have I. Well I have been knitting, it's only two and a half weeks until our first Christmas fair over at the Wentworth sports centre in Hexham. I have also made another online sale this evening so have a hat to wrap and post in the morning. It's all go!

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