Friday 14 November 2008

Strong winds up north

It has been another very windy day today, the alpacas are great at sheltering themselves and knowing where is best to get away from it all. Most of our fields have the old rigs and furrows and most of the girls were snuggled up with their backs to the wind in the furrows at tea time.

I had to laugh as Horatio quite clearly wanted a drink but Mary didn't want to get up, so after humming and nuzzling mum to no avail he began climbing on her when this failed he tried running and jumping on her, which didn't go down well - did the trick though because mum got up. She did make him follow behind begging for a while before she stopped to let him feed.

Horatio is getting ready for weaning soon, we are just waiting for a couple more and they will begin 'big boy' life away from mum.

I had a lovely chat with a lady at lunchtime who is looking into getting her first alpacas. It's good to know that there are people out there who enjoy looking at the website and reading the blog.

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