Thursday 13 November 2008

The RAF have a nosey!

Over the last couple of days we seem to have had an RAF helicopter exercise going on, there have been a number going overhead at quite a low altitude.

This afternoon there were two more going over, and one seemed to take a bit of a detour to come over our fields. It was that low I could see the pilot pointing out out alpacas to his co-pilot! The alpacas weren't bothered in the slightest, far too interested in munching on the nice lush grass.

I managed to get most of the paddock cleaning done this morning before the rain came, hopefully our muck collectors will come soon as there is a bit of a pile accumulating!

I'm home alone tonight as Paul is out for a charity dinner, a night of knitting then. Having made a couple of internet sales in the last couple of days I need to keep stock levels up as Christmas is only 6 weeks away!!!!

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