Thursday 6 November 2008

A marked improvement

This morning Lualeni was looking slightly better, nowhere near as stiff as yesterday and as the day has gone on she has improved further. Bless her, she really was feeling sorry for herself yesterday. Hughie seemed completely recovered and had forgotten that I was the nasty lady yesterday!

It has been a really miserable day with constant drizzle. Mary and her off spring, Ursula and Horatio have spent most of the day in the field shelter eating hay. Willow and Chiquita have spent a fair bit of time in there too.

Family traits among our alpacas fascinate me. We have Mary and her two, who both think other peoples ears are for biting, then there is the Blossom effect, both of her daughter take no messing from anyone. Willow has passed on many of her traits to Chiquita, the 'Willow dawdle' when it comes to going anywhere, the call of nature on route to the feed troughs and rolling straight in front of them when you do get there to annoy everyone! Geena passed on her vocal abilities and Gabby her 'please don't get me' streak.

Then there is the Duchess line, Blossom, Hughie, Malika, and her two granddaughters Oonagh & Lualeni who all have extremely 'healthy' appetites.

I can't wait to see what next year brings.

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