Saturday 22 November 2008

The north wind doth blow....

And we shall have snow! Blimey it's been cold today and we have had snow flurries on and off all day.
I thought seeing as I am always talking about the lovely Horatio you might like to see a photo of him covered in snow - you can see where he was obviously snuggled up to mum along his side.
I've been home alone all day, Paul has gone down to Twickenham for the rugby - oops! The less said about that the better I think, especially as I had to be up and out by 5.45am to take him to the train station. I dread to think what time I will have to fetch him back.
Our Aussie girls are certainly not used to these Arctic blasts we get up here, most of them have spent the day in the field shelter munching hay out of the wind. Until that is they here me opening their gate, then it is a mad rush to the troughs.
We have had a first with Barnaby; he has finally tried camelibra. He has been thinking about it for a few days putting his head in the trough but not quite plucking up the courage to try it. Hopefully he will now show Gaussian how it is done, he is the only one left not eating it, typically the one who really needs building up!


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Nice photo....and blog..I think you must live not far from where I grew up.. Hope you have a good day at the craft fare...and paul soon feels better......Jayne

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Hiya Jayne

Thanks for your kind comments, glad you liked the photo.

Where abouts did you grow up? We are 8 miles west of Morpeth.