Wednesday 12 November 2008

Fresh grass for the sales team

As the main herd and the sheep have had fresh grass this week, today was the turn of the sales team. The six pregnant girls and 'Munchkin' Angelus's cria who is awaiting a pedigree name (we have left off officially naming her as we thought it would be nice for whoever buys her to give her a name) were very pleased to move to fresh pasture.

It is always nice to see how excited everyone gets over new grass all of them tried to get through the gate first and literally took one step and all heads were down, poor Munchkin couldn't even get through the gate!

Rotating the paddocks is very important for both alpacas and the land, it helps keep parasites to a minimum and also helps the grass recover and freshen up.

Alice one of the elite Australian girls is so funny, she loves to try and put her head trough the fence to eat somebody elses grass and this afternoon was no exception. Only this time she was putting her head through to eat the grass I'd just took them off - why is it the grass always greener elsewhere?!

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