Friday 21 November 2008

Our first snow

As forecast the snow arrived this morning, it was the first time the cria has seen the fluffy white stuff and just as you'd expect Horatio got excited. Bless him, he was trying to pounce on the snow as it landed; although he soon got bored of that game and went back to annoying Sienna. He is a total mischief from the minute he wakes to the minute he settles down at night, he's been like it from the minute he found his feet.

Once the weather had picked up I went to the vets to pick up my bluetongue vaccine, as the second injection is due next week. Paul had taken the 4x4 this morning and managed to slid off the road twice before reaching civilisation, so I thought taking my little MG out first thing wasn't the best idea.

I checked on Pepper and Mocha as I went past, they were guarding the haylage and well away from the other sheep - that's my girls! They don't mix with the common sheep, they think they're far too good for that.

This afternoon the temperature seemed to plummet even further, and everyone had retreated to their shelters when I went to give them tea. The sales girls made me laugh, they pared round the shelter wall, waited until I'd got to their gate and then it was a mad dash to get to the troughs first and as soon as they'd finished it was a mad dash back to the shelter; first one in gets the best spot, last one in gets the draft!!

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