Saturday 7 February 2009

Don't mind me!

This morning I was helping out my farmer friend with more sheep scanning. Unfortunately for us, it started to snow just as we began and didn't stop all morning. I was able to pick the brains of the guy scanning regarding probes etc for my own use. Tom has been scanning sheep for 30 years and has done a few alpacas in the past so I thought he may have some advise for me.

Whilst I was out in the cold freezing my fingers and toes off Paul was in doors 'playing' with the website. Well, after he had done the morning feeding anyway! Incidentally, Gaussian was not impressed with is breakfast waiter!!

The website has now had a few updates and we have launched our 2009 sales prices.

The weanlings have had their AD&E paste this afternoon, they get it every fortnight over winter, and today there were no complaints from anybody. Aodhfin has decided he loves it and was begging for more whilst his mates were getting their share and the pest that is Ursula was trying to take it out of Gaussian's mouth whilst I was giving him his. I managed to keep it out of sight of Gabby, she absolutely adores the stuff, you can see her enjoying it in our photo gallery.



What is scanning? I imagine it has something to do with microchips? For records?

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Pregnancy scanning, we were ultra sound scanning just over 500 ewes. We did another batch a couple of weeks ago, so Alan is going to be very busy lambing soon.

No doubt I will get to help, last year I ended up with one of his orphaned lambs who now thinks she's an alpaca!!