Tuesday 24 February 2009

The suns shining and life is good

The alpacas are certainly enjoying the current sunny spell with Willow at the start of every sunbathing session. She has been stretched out most of the day, which has given Gaussian something to do as she had a bit of a twitch!!

The vet was out this morning to do a couple of Health Certificates, both passed with flying colours. Even though you know all is well it is still nice to hear it from the professional. He was also pleased to see that Gaussian was looking better.

Duchess has a course of antibiotics which will hopefully sort out her abscess, it worked last time so fingers crossed.

I had a visit from another keen allotment owner today to collect some manure. Only one slight hitch, he managed to get his car stuck on the way. He trusted his sat-nav rather than my instructions and ended up going down a very muddy track with leads to a ford which we struggle to get through on the quad or 4x4 99% of the time - moral; don't always believe technology.

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