Sunday 22 February 2009

Scanning round two

We had the BCF Technologies guy back round today with the Duo Scanner we were interested in. We had slightly more success than we did with the previous two models but still not fantastic. I knew it would be hard but with the girls in question being so far gone I thought it would be easier. We are obviously doing something wrong.

We did managed to see Imala's cria, Imala is so good natured she stood quite happily whilst we moved the probe round. She did crane her neck a few times to check out the picture for herself - maybe she wanted to know the sex!!

My little foster lamb is doing well, he wasn't keen on his bedtime bottle last night but was certainly pleased to see me at 5am. His tongue is looking very sore today and I fear it may be a little infected so he has had some antibiotics which should help.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Ah....Im sure the anti-biotics will do the trick....5am, no lie-ins for you !!...but I bet you were glad to see him, no matter what time it was .....Jayne

Alpaca Granny said...

Hoping the best for the little lamb - and's stressful to try helping these little ones along.