Friday 20 February 2009

A great way to clear your head

As the weather was good again this morning I was back out with the muck truck. It is great when you have things on you mind to just get out there and do some sucking! I feel like I have spent all week doing it but it does look much better for it.

Once you get behind with a job like that it is a nightmare to catch back up, it seems like a never ending task. I'm now hoping that my regular manure collectors will come collecting as I have a rather large collection building.

I think Duchess's abscess is back again. I treated her for it last year and thought that we had succeeded in getting rid of it, but I fear it is back. I have the vet out on Monday to do a couple of health certificates so I will get him to check her out.

Unfortunately we had some rain this afternoon so my outdoor jobs came to an end. I came inside and finished the latest knitting project, a pair of long armed fingerless mittens. They have been knitted in the Gabby & Imala yarn mix, a lovely fawn colour. Once I have sewn them up they will hit the shop so keep your eyes peeled.


Lucy said...

Oh dear. They do seem prone to them. Maybe it's the cold weather or something about their feed. I do wonder about them eating molasses in their pellets and not brushing their teeth.....

Alpaca Granny said...

We had a bad abscess and took him to the vet clinic at MichiganStateUniversity. I gave him 9 cc of NuFlor subcutaneously every 4 days for a month. Was a lot of med. to get under his skin and he hated to see me come.