Tuesday 10 February 2009

Kate in bad books

Today has been another day of sunshine and snow showers, the snow showers seeming to come each time I head off out to either feed or clear up the hay! This morning I was absolutely freezing feeding and putting out the two bales of hay in the various mangers and nets.

The girls were glad of their sugar beet treat at lunchtime, Blossom gets upset every time the girls get it because she doesn't like and and she hates to think she is missing out on food!

This evening Kate got told off - not that she cared. Gaussian was not too interesting in his bedtime bottle so I put it back in my pocket and was feeding the girls; they usually wait until Gaussian has ad his bottle. Just as I bent to put food in one of the troughs Kate kindly spat at either me or one of the other girls (I had my head down so didn't see).

I think she must have managed to hit Gaussian's bottle, not that I could see anything but he wouldn't touch it after that. He has had a full bottle every feed for days now so I'm sure she must have contaminated it!!

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