Saturday 21 February 2009

A new addition to the fold

No not a cria, my first foster lamb of the year!! Alan (my farmer friend) popped round this morning asking if I was taking in any 'friends' this year and how could you refuse this little fellow:-

Poor little chap hasn't had the best start in life, his mum doesn't want him, not that she has any milk for him anyway, which is probably why she doesn't want him. If that's not bad enough the crows managed to attack him within minutes of being born and have taken a chunk out of his tongue. He's obviously sore because he's not very keen to suck, despite having a very good pair of lungs on him.

Gaussian has managed to break through the 16kg barrier, I was secretly hoping that he would be at lease 16.2kg but he actually weighed in at 16.42kg, so I am really pleased.

It was AD&E paste day for some of the herd, it does make me laugh how some of them love it and want more whilst others hate it and try and spit it out. The weanlings get it every two weeks over winter and thankfully they are all quite happy to take it. Aodhfin and Horatio queue up for theirs.


Alpaca Granny said...

I tried to find a chart so that I would know what 16 kg would be in pounds - to no avail.

Lucy said...

Hi Debbie. The lamb would be very put off feeding by a damaged tongue - any mouth injury often causes a feeding strike in human babies too. This has happened to both of mine - one with a mouth virus and one with sore throat. It can be very distressing for the litte one and I imagine it is the same for lambs as it is such a survival instinct. The mum's milk supply will have suffered due to the lack of stimulation from the lamb. Not her fault of course! It could be got going again with suckling but that is hard with a whole flock of sheep to look after. Hope you manage to get him going. I am sure he will get lots of tlc.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Hi Debbie,

Im sure you'll take good care of him !!, glad that Gaussian is doing we come !!I wonder when Paul will have to stop lifting him !...Jayne

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Gaussian's weight translates to 36.1lbs so I was happy this week. Just wish I could get him eating the hard feed voluntarily.

My foster lamb is doing well, other than a sore tongue and throat through shouting! His mum has a nasty infected bag so woulsn't have been able to feed him even if the crows hadn't got to him unfortunately. Nature can be cruel at times.

Lucy said...

Did she have mastitis? It is possible to feed with mastitis - in fact it is the best way to cure it as it helps to move out the infection, and the milk is fine for consumption. Just wondered! I am familiar with mastitis having had it 3x!!!!! Poor lamb. HOpe he continues to do well.