Wednesday 11 February 2009


At last we have had an egg from the chickens, it must be at least two months since one of them laid. I've been having to either buy them (which I hate having to do) or get them from next door. Paul had been threatening them with all sorts - not that he would have carried out any of said threats!

The snow has been thawing today so the girls now have grass to eat. The poor boys, weanlings and sheep are not so lucky, they still have snow covered fields. At least the forecast is dry for the next couple of days too so out with the muck truck tomorrow I think.

Tessa (the willow weaving freecycler) is coming to collect a trailer load of muck tomorrow so at least I should have two or three empty sacks to refill!


Lucy said...

Ahhh, lovely. Nothing like your own eggs, is there? Ours are laying 2-3 a day just now despite the many cms of snow!

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

No, they're the best! Doubt I'll see another egg for a few days though, we have had lots of snow this morning and they don't like it!