Friday 13 February 2009


With far too much snow still on the ground I have been unable to do the out door chores, so what better excuse to experiment felting.

I wanted to make some felted slippers and bought some foot lasts a little while ago but not quite got round to using them; until today that is. Felting is such a slow process and I now have hands that feel like sandpaper having been wet most of the day, but I'm quite pleased with the start of the first prototype.

They are far from finished but we have the basic shape. Once they are finished I will share the result with a photo or two.

The girls have had an extra bale of hay today as the grass is still buried, their usual ration was gone by lunchtime so they get an extra bale when I gave Gaussian his lunchtime bottle and the two skinnies their lunch. Those 10 bales from last Sunday's hay show didn't last long!!!

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