Sunday 29 March 2009

British Summer Time begins

The first day of British Summer time and it has been a glorious day, but you guessed it Molly has still not had her baby!

One of Paul's brothers and his wife have been up for the weekend, it was a while since they'd been so it was nice to see them again. They went home with a bag of alpaca poo for a friend and some eggs for themselves.

The weanlings have been on the halters again today, they are all quite good now with the exception of Aodhfin who is still not keen. He will walk but it is more of a drag on occasions. We keep mixing up who we take out together so they don't get too used to being with their best friends.

Our neighbours daughter Hannah has enjoyed feeding Eubank his bottle today, he's back on top form having been a bit quite for a couple of days.

And finally I just have to say well done Jenson Button and team Braun GP on a fantastic Formula One win.

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