Thursday 26 March 2009

March madness

Paul was up at the crack of dawn today seeing as he didn't have to go to his paid job. It was blowing a gale and we had the odd shower first thing but it turned into a really nice day.

Despite the sun shining Molly has hung on again, so there is still a chance for some lucky person out there to grab a bargain. One is almost two and in a fit of March madness I've decided to throw in a free mating to any of our stud boys if she is sold before she gives birth - that's three for the price of one!

Once we were sure nothing was going to occur on the birthing front we headed off to purchase some more feed troughs. Things are getting a bit messy so we thought some extra trough space may help, or at least give Kate something else to spit on.

We've cleaned all the fields which it has to be said is much quicker with two people, Paul can ride the quad whilst I suck up the poo. OK so just in case Paul reads this he did get off the quad once.

Last job of the day was helping out Alan, our farmer friend. His tractor was involved in an accident today, thankfully no-one was hurt except the tractor and the car which collided into it but it meant the beasties were not going to get fed. As we are used to manual bale moving Paul went along to assist.

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