Sunday 22 March 2009

Where did the weekend go?!

Well that's another weekend over and a huge list of jobs completed.

We were up at the crack of dawn, it's amazing how well Paul manages to get up at the weekend - must be the pull of the alpacas! Obviously much better than the call of the office.

Everyone had been fed, watered (or should I say milked), hay filled and hay cleared from the floor all before 9am. After Paul had had his second breakfast we then set about poo sucking so everywhere is (well was) nice and tidy.

I thought Molly might have become a mum on Mothers Day as there was rather a lot of trips to the dung pile with only the odd pellet emerging. She was getting upset if anyone got too close and on one trip to the dung pile you could quite clearly see two feet bulging under the skin. Hopefully she will hang on tomorrow because I have to take poor Twiggy (cat) to the vets first thing.

The youngsters have been on a big adventure today, we have moved them onto fresh grass. This involved their biggest halter training experience yet, as we walked them down our little lane. Other than Aodhfin, who was far too worried, they were all very good and walked nicely, I was so proud of them.

The back fields have now been fertilized, harrowed and are awaiting the forecast rains to spurt them back into growing action.

I'm pleased to say that Eubank has already forgot about his elastic band experience and is back to looking for mischief.

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