Sunday 8 March 2009


Yesterday was weigh day for Gaussian, I'm pleased to say he's up a little again :-) he's now reached the dizzy heights of 16.92kg (37.2lbs). His milk intake has increased a bit also, today he had 1.25 litres. It would definitely have been cheaper to buy a goat 8 months ago I'm sure!!

Talking of milk Chiquita has obviously smelt Willow's (her mum) beginning to develop. Willow is due next month. This morning she went to check out Willow's under carriage and was begging for milk. Thankfully Willow was having none of it, and despite Chiquita's persistence she we was told in no uncertain terms that it was out of bounds.

Those of you who have been following my blog from the beginning may recall that Chiquita was a nightmare to wean and kept trying to get back to mum and after months apart went straight back to check for milk.

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