Thursday 5 March 2009

It's Snow good is it!

Can you believe it, snow again, thankfully not too much and it's rather wet so it hasn't hung round for long. It did mean everyone made use of their shelters last night leaving me plenty of 'presents' to clean up this morning.

The hay consumption has increased again, the girls have quite clearly sought out all the nice fresh green shoots that were emerging and have now reverted to the hay. I will have to get another bale ordered from Mr T!

My blogger has been playing up tonight not wanting to let me sign in, I was already late because Paul has been hogging the machine all night doing various updates on the website.

I have had a couple of very exciting phone calls today, more on them over the next few days as my little lamb has just started yelling that it is supper time! He obviously heard Paul put the kettle on for his bottle.

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