Friday 23 October 2009

All set and ready to go

Poor little Kealani seems to have a bit of a sore ear this evening. I think one of the other have bit it a bit hard during one of their little wrestling matched. She is always involved no matter who is playing and isn't at all bothered about the very big and boisterous Star jumping on her.

Thankfully the weather has been dry most of the day, so the show team that are heading down to Thirsk tomorrow have dried out a bit. They are all still rather damp but I have shut them in this evening in the hope that they dry out some more. Although it has started to rain again so I doubt there is much chance of that.

The boys got very excited when I walked the three girls past them, they are all open (not pregnant) and the boys always seem to know. Mind you the way Mallika was swishing her tail and fluttering her eyelashes they weren't going to miss her!

The girls are shut in down the road in one resting paddock and the boys behind they house in the big shelter. I didn't dare chance shutting the girls in one half and the boys in the other Gianmarco would have jumped over in the night I'm sure.

Well I must go and get the final bits together for our very early start in the morning so wish us luck.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Good Luck...for tomorrow...I hope you have a fruitful day...and that the weather stays nice for you. I think you were very wise..not chancing the boys and girls together !! for the night....look forward to the results and blog news......Jayne