Friday 30 October 2009

Weigh in

I have weighed all the cria today, with the exception of Palm-Olive and Star who are far too heavy for me to lift now. They were over 30kg's at back in September so no chance I was going to get on the scales with them.

Weighing is something that we do continually from birth until the cria are too heavy to pick up. It is just another way to keep an eye on the youngsters to make sure all is ok. The five I was able to lift are all growing nicely and had gained weight. Tenzing and Duke weigh exactly the same at 25.1kg. That just shows what a good appetite Duke has as he is almost a month younger than Tenzing!

I am glad I weighed them actually as it has just started to rain so they would have been wet in the morning and always try to weigh when they are dry.

I have also been printing off some garment labels today, they had been piling up a bit as we were waiting for some new cartridges for the printer. The weather forecast is not good for Sunday so I intend to attach said labels then.

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