Wednesday 7 October 2009

Our first frost

Short and sweet this evening folks as we are off out to a charity dinner; five minutes ago!

This morning we had our first frost of the autumn. There were no signs of it at the house but in the fields it was a different story. Because of the extra hay I gave everyone extra hay this morning, which was certainly greatly received.

Twiggy has been back to the vets today for a check up, she is doing well. Although I hadn't realised that they had only actually found one of her thyroid glands during the operation. The left gland could not be located so she still has it. Hopefully this will not cause any problems in the future but we will have to keep a close eye on her.

She is back for another check up next week and all being well the stitches will be removed.

I'd best go now Paul is hovering with his coat on!!!

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