Thursday 1 October 2009

A sore eye

We have had another nice sunny Autumnal day today, the girls have been enjoying doing a spot of sunbathing and the youngsters have been getting up to mischief. They charge round like some sort of brat pack half the time, I just love watching them play.

The youngest of the group, Kealani, is a real little character. She is a month old today and really coming on, she is going to be a big girl like her mum, Oonagh.

On one of my trips into the paddock with Heidi's bottle I noticed that Loki had a sore eye. It was fine this morning and lunchtime, but when I walked past the boys at about 2.30pm I noticed his right eye looked sore. The bottom of his eye was red and puffed up, it looked like he had scratched it.

I thought maybe he had something in his eye and had scratched it on something trying to remove whatever was annoying him. Back to the house to get a halter and some water to bathe it. After washing it out and removing a bit of gunk (technical term!) he seemed much better at tea time.

By this evening when Paul got home the redness had gone and it was looking much better, although still slightly puffed up. Hopefully it will have gone down by the morning, if not I will speak to the vet.

I have got to take Twiggy in tomorrow, unfortunately as I suspected her blood test yesterday was not good. So the poor little thing has got to have surgery tomorrow which I am very worried about. She is already complaining about being hungry, she will be a nightmare by the morning.

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