Friday 16 October 2009

Little boys and big girls

I have mentioned my very forward male cria already a few times and they have been getting a good 'what for' again today.

It started off this morning with Tenzing being chased half way round the field with a very annoyed Angelus screeching at him. Before she was pregnant Angelus was a great catch for the young boys who could get her down and practise their mating skills.

Since Gianmarco, one of our prize wining studs has got her pregnant she has become a girl with attitude. If one of the others accidentally brushes past her she goes mad let alone a boy trying to mate her.

Then at lunch time it was Sandstorms turn to be in trouble. He tried jumping on the back of Tenzings mum, Veruschka, who flew round so quick poor Sandstorm went flying. He jumped up shuck himself and looked round all sheepish hoping that none of his little mates had noticed.

I really can see that these boys are going to give me trouble this year. I think it will be an early separation from the female cria. Last year I was able to keep all the cria together for quite a while before I separated them.

Finally I thought I would share with you a photo because I know you like them. This is Chiquita, one of our prize winners, she was reserve junior champion at the Northumberland County show last year. After the National show this year, from which she also returned with a rosette, she has retired from showing and is now pregnant to Gianmarco's Masterpiece so we are very excited about what this union will produce, as she is the first coloured girl he has covered.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

The boys are naughty...even at an early age...Zeto has already been practising !....he's going to be a pest ! can tell already...Chiquita looks lovely..she is a lovely colour....Jayne