Monday 5 October 2009

A red squirrel spot

My parents have gone home this afternoon having been up for a couple of days which has been nice. Mum has bought me a cardigan that she's knitted that was ordered at a recent show we went to. She has also taken some of the Nefertiti yarn home with her to knit the next one.

I have finished the ordered scarf and am a good way up the hat; just another four hats and a cardigan to go and we have completed the special orders. We then need to get building up the knitted and felted stock in readiness for Christmas.

Mum saw a red squirrel this morning on a tree stump so she was really excited. It's the first one she's seen for ages. It was actually in a completely different place to where I have seen them in the past so I will keep a look out for him again. They are such cute little creatures.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Red Squirrel's are lovely....I have seen three !!..on the nut feeder at the edge of the wood !...theres one with a mainly white tail !....Jayne