Monday 19 October 2009

Wet start to a week off.

Paul is off work this week, so as usual it has been raining - he always seems to pick his weeks wrong.

We nipped into Morpeth this morning for a few supplies, mainly milk for Heidi and to buy Paul a sausage roll (to shut him up!). As the weather was not so good this afternoon Paul has been working on the website and a few other bits of paperwork whilst I have been knitting.

The cria video I mentioned the other night can now be viewed on the movies page of our website, it is so cute, well worth a look even if I do say so myself. She if you can work out who is who. Mum if you are reading this I expect you to get them all right!

Paul has also been talking to Lawrence Waller regarding this weekends alpaca show at Thirsk. We were having second thoughts about going but Lawrence has been very accommodating and been able to do what we've asked so we will be there. So much hard work goes into these event it is such a shame when nature throws a spanner in the works.

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janet said...

I know i will get them wrong but there is Star,Sandstorm, Duke,i think it looks like Kealani,Heida,but my excuse is not as clear as seeing them inperson. Wasnt sure if Tenzing was there.I think it is lovely seeinf them having fun. Cant wait to see them again.xx