Wednesday 17 February 2010

Collections and cameras

It has been bitterly cold today but dry so after the courier had arrived to collect more fleece, this time for the Futurity Fleece Show, I headed out with the camera.

Our camera is getting a bit past it (another thing on the shopping list!) but I got a few shots that are fit to share with the world.

Here we have Laalgarth's Alice, she has some very impressive genetics and an equally impressive fleece. She is sired by EP Cambridge Stormcat and has the world renown NWA Ltd Ruffo as her grandsire. Alice is also carrying the first Gianmarco's Masterpiece cria which should be something very special with that genetic mix.
She is at 270 days now so not much longer to wait. Alice would be a fabulous addition for someone looking for a top quality white girl carrying a cria with fabulous genetics.

Next on the photo shoot was Nefertiti, she is the first of our own girls due to have a cria from Golden Guinea. Guinea already has a son and a client is due to have his first cria of 2010 a couple of weeks before Neferiti is due.
Next it was off to the weanlings paddock, Heidi is always up for posing. We have actually sold Heidi and she will be off to her new home in the near future.
Next up is Tenzing, he ever wants to pose on his own and today was no exception! He is a lovely natured boy with a fine fleece which I am looking forward to working with.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Im glad those babies are tucked up nice and warm inside their mums !! this weather...the girls are looking swell !!... also Tenzing looks cosy...under that fleece.....Jayne

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos and beautiful animals. I seem to be an expert at photographing alpaca backsides as they walk away from me :)


Unknown said...

Hey I wouldn't be knocking those photographic skills. Great pics!