Wednesday 3 February 2010

Two lots of excitement

Kealani has a new coat, I've adapted one of the existing coats to fit as her current one was too small. She is now fluorescent yellow which caused great excitement this evening. Kealani was after a drink from Oonagh who was not amused with her daughters new fan club.

The other bit of excitement today was the wood lorry toppling over. As I've mentioned in an early post the woodland behind one of our fields is currently being harvested. As the vehicle was making it's way to the road the trailer over turned spreading the 3 meter lengths of wood everywhere.

Alan came to the rescue with one of his tractors to put the trailer back on all 10 wheels. Shortly after the workers left leaving the wood where it had fell - I think they had had enough for one day.

Finally I must report that the weathermen were correct, it has snowed again this evening - grhhhhhh!


Llama Karma said...

You must be fed up with the white stuff by now and here I am getting excited about going Skiing! sorry.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Im back to stomping through snow !...sadly I thought that we'd hade all we were getting this year !...obviously not !...Im looking forward to a sunny greener day !....sometime.sooooooooon .....Jayne