Friday 19 February 2010

Play time

It has been a bit quiet on the alpaca front today. After the usual morning routine, this time with help from my brother, I have spent most of the day playing with my lovely little niece, Faith (Model of our baby hats).

I did have another mad dash out to the field when the snow started again to put Kealani's coat back on. Despite the snow that had fallen over night it was nice and sunny first thing so I'd taken it off to let her get some sun on her back.

When the snow had stopped we all had a walk out into the field to see the alpacas and Faith happily stroked Duke, who will happily run to everyone to say hello.

This evening, Colin (brother), had the job of feeding Oonagh; she never likes to share a trough with anyone and will only eat from your hand. He did a very good job of fighting off all the other hangers on who thought he might be a soft touch. Even the extra white ones pretending to be Oonagh!!

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