Tuesday 9 February 2010

Staying in from the cold

It has been freezing cold today with sleet and snow showers, I was planning on doing some paddock cleaning but decided against it. The channel between the paddocks was so wet it would have caused damage.

Instead I have been doing some paperwork and updating alpaca seller. Now that Palm-Olive is a big girl she is for sale. She is sired by Accoyo Remarque, who has sired a number of show winning progeny. She is also available as a package with her mum Molly who is due to give birth in early May.

Talking of giving birth Mary is looking rather swell at the minute, Mary is one of those alpacas who goes from looking normal to extremely pregnant all of a sudden. The stays looking very wide for what feels like months. She's still got three months to go (she's 245 days) so she still has a way to go yet.

This afternoon Melanie from Fallowfield has been over to pick up some sacks of Camelibra and give me some advice regarding Kelso Show. It was nice to chat and catch up over a cup of tea, I don't seem to do this often enough!

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