Tuesday 2 February 2010

You're a day early

I'm with Jayne at Zanzibah; when will it end!

After rain during the night it started snowing just before 8am and by the time I'd finished my morning feeding routine the road and fields were white. Paul had taken the big car so no shopping for me today, the snow wasn't supposed to arrive until tomorrow so I thought I go before it came.

Thankfully by lunchtime the snow had stopped (and we didn't have as much as you Jayne), by tea time most of it had thawed. Hopefully we won't get the four inches that were forecast for tomorrow.

Lets change the record.....

For obvious reasons it has been inside jobs today, I had a long list but don't seem to have managed to get very far down it. I have been concentrating on the shop stock. I had garment labels to sew in, information tags to print off and the shop to update.

The shop takes ages, Paul showed me last night how to alter the picture sizes to make everything line up. I can now see why he hates that job and appears to have passed responsibility over; it took all afternoon and I still have a few things to put on.

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