Monday 8 February 2010

I'm back

I am pleased to report I have returned safe and well from my trip down south to the BAS Shows Committee meeting. My word was it a long meeting at over 6 hours and a long lonely drive back but definitely worth while. Well we did all say we wanted a voice!

In these challenging times it is good to be able to gather thoughts and idea's from across the BAS membership to help protect, further and enhance the alpaca industry.

I am pleased to say that Paul coped with all the animals and himself in my absence. Oonagh was however very pleased to see me this morning, she obviously didn't feel that Paul's service was up to standard.

The weanlings were also trying to imply that they hadn't been fed, they were starving this morning. By all accounts they did very well on the food front as Paul used the wrong measuring tub for one feed which meant they had extra rations.

Whilst I was in Nottingham on Saturday night I nipped to see my neice, and my brother and his wife. After we'd had a bit of a play and a bath she did a spot of modeling for me of the two latest hats.
It was funny you know!


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

I understand now...I was concerned that there was no blog !...I like the new hats !....and the happy little model !....Jayne

Anonymous said...

well what a beautiful model. Lets hope lots of people buy your hats so she gets her modelling fee!