Friday 5 February 2010

A tree through the fence

It has been a really miserable day today, misty and that horrible drizzle that soaks you without you realising it.

Somehow this morning Kealani managed to take her own coat off! It was on at breakfast but then when I went back into the field a couple of hours later she met me at the gate coatless! How odd, not sure how she managed that one, she obviously didn't like standing out in the crowd.

This afternoon when I went to feed the boys there had been an incident. A huge branch had fallen off one of the neighbours trees and gone through the fence; marvellous, another job.

Thankfully the boys were ok and no one had been hit or decided to explore the other side of the fence. This was lucky as the fence was put up to stop the animals being able to reach laurel and rhododendrons.

The branch is so big I couldn't move it on my own, I didn't want to get the quad to pull it as it was likely to bring the whole lot down. So off I toddled to fetch the hurdles to block it off until tomorrow when it will need some chain saw attention.


Rob @ Wellground said...

Ohhh! Logs for the stove.....Nice ;o))


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Sounds like Paul has a job lined up for the weekend !...Im glad no one got the the Laurel or Rhododendrons !...Lambsy once got poisoned with some Rhododendrons in the garden....he survived somehow !......Jayne