Thursday 11 February 2010

Where is your coat?

I was met at the gate this morning by the usual gatherings, boys who get fed first. Next on the feeding rota is the weanlings, Duke and Sandstorm always need kisses through the gate before you can open it!

Next it's the girls who push and shove to get closest to the opening end of the gate. There was one slightly odd thing this morning however, Kealani had no coat on. Where on earth was it and more importantly how had she managed to take it off.

It has been a lovely dry crisp day today and the herd have fluffed up again, some, mentioning no names (but they were all white once) are still looking rather dirty.

I was hoping to get out with the muck truck as it was dry but I've had to wait in for a workman to come and repair the hole in my ceiling and for the courier to collect my fleece for the mini mill. Not that the courier ever materialised!

Shortly after I put Kealani's coat back on this evening I think I may have worked out how she gets it off. She went to talk to Lualani (who is her aunt), they had a little hum to each other, then Kealani started to roll at her feet whilst Lualani pulled at the coat!

It is obviously so bright it is keeping Lualani awake at night and she wanted it removed. This was the sort of thing I would associate with Ursula not Lualani.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Now at this rate you'll be prividing them with shade their eyes...and you think I mad !!......Jayne