Sunday 14 February 2010

£72 for a bale?!

It has been an exhausting day today, we've been on the go constantly.

It was just before 5.30am when I first got up and it's been none stop. We have been waiting some time now for a dry frosty day so we could move the girls field shelter without doing too much damage to the ground, and this morning was perfect.

When I told Paul it was frosty at 7am he shot out of bed - I've never seen him move so fast. Thankfully our friend 'Brick', who has chickens in a neighbours field was on hand with the tractor.

Once it had been moved we had all the dirty straw and mess to clear up. The poor shrews had to find a new home too; they had obviously found a nice cosy spot somewhere. The spot where the shelter had been is a bit of a mess so I have blocked it off before someone goes for a roll.

We have had a couple of sets of visitors too. This was a great excuse to have another rummage through fleeces and talk alpacas. As usual Hughie was the star of the show proving that our combination of fantastic quality and friendly alpacas are a great hit with the visitors.

This afternoon it was the annual Hay Show at the Gate Pub, Forestburn Gate, Northumberland, it is a charity fund raising even which has become an annual event on our calender. You may recall me mentioning our big hay bales that Alan the friendly farmer puts over the fence. Well two of these same bales sold for £72 each in the auction - I best tell the girls to slow down their consumption; I can't afford one every 10 days at that price!

When we got back from the hay show we had some toe nails to cut and AD&E paste to administer. Thankfully everyone that needed it likes it so that wasn't a problem. Toe nail cutting wasn't too bad either once we'd let Kate out of the pen who was insisting on turning everyone green.

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Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Wow - 5.30am, that must have been some Valentines breakfast!