Tuesday 30 March 2010

Lady visitors for the boys

This morning when I went to give they boys their breakfast they had ladies visiting. About half a dozen of them, of the pheasant variety! I think the girls were hoping to find a bit left over food or shelter from the torrential rain.

The weather has been appalling, there is water where I have never seen water before even in the September 2008 flooding we had in this area.

It is a good job we moved the youngsters at the weekend because their previous shelter is under water this afternoon. There are rivers running through all the fields, in fact one of the resting paddocks is pretty much a lake - not at all pleasant.

The bad weather has seen an increase in my foster ward!!! I now have four lambs in my care - one has a very healthy pair of lungs one her, the poor little mite was sopping wet and lost in the field having quite clearly only recently been born. Hopefully in daylight hours Alan will be able to locate her mum so she can be reunited.

As for the other three they are waiting for suitable sheepy adoption mums.


Denise said...

You'll soon have as many pet lambs as me. We've got 8 in the barn, 7 are drinking from the lambing bucket, 1 poor mite is still on the bottle, but hopefully he'll be on the bucket by the end of the week. They are fun though!!!

Shirley said...

Hi Debbie, Don't know which is worse - blizzards or torrential rain. Funny old Spring this year eh? Pleased to read that the lambs are still all surviving. Stay dry. Shirley & Robbie