Saturday 6 March 2010

A wet weekend

It's the weekend so Paul was at home, and yes you guessed it; it's rained!

Thankfully it did stop this afternoon so we got to do a spot of halter training. Tenzing continues to be a little superstar and walks nicely, the others are not quite up to his standards.

I put to use the 'Bracelet hold' again and everyone stood very still to have their head collars put on. Star is still very frightened when she is on the lead rope and bucks and throws herself about like a crazy thing. I eventually managed to calm her down but anything more then one sideways step was out of the question. This was still a vast improvement so I will continue tomorrow.

Duke, Sandstorm and Heidi are improving and are all about the same level, not keen to walk but with encouragement we get there eventually. Palm-Olive is slightly better and will walk a little better.

I am not sure why this years youngster are proving more challenging than in previous years. Maybe it is because they are older than I would normally have started the training, the snow made it far too dangerous to begin until very recently.

Paul got a little excited this morning, we nipped to Robson & Cowens, our local country store for some supplies (all for the animals!) and they told us that Paul's new toy has arrived. He has orderd a new quad!! Ours is struggling with all we ask it to do, it is only a 299cc 2wd which was great initially when we only had 3 animals but now we are up to 33 it is finding things tough.

They are just waiting for the road kit for the new one then we will have it. The old one is on ebay so hopefully we will get a fair price for it.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

I said ...a new it time now for a new Grey Girl !!...Jayne

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

I wish Jayne! Hopefully Kate will produce me one in the Spring, that's my only chance I think.