Thursday, 10 March 2011

Did someone mention Spring

My word what a day, the weather had been absolutely terrible today.  After a night of listening to rain and wind I was wondering what I would wake up to, thankfully all was ok.

There was a slight let up in the rain at breakfast so everyone was fed in record time before the rain and sleet returned, and boy did it return.

I had visitors this morning and just as we were about to put our coats and shoes on the rain came, so after a little natter to waste time whilst the shower passed we headed out to see the weanlings.  Just as we got there the torrential rain and massive hail stone storm arrived, all this with gale force winds was not pleasant, in fact it was very painful!  By the time we got back in the house we were all soaked to the skin.

Thankfully the weather was a little kinder to me this evening and the wind had been so strong many of the alpacas were almost dry.  Many of the alpacas have amazing fleece length at the minute, Ochre, the son of Golden Guinea and Kate is in a close battle with Tenzing (from Veruschka and Purston El Maestro) to take the crown.

Two of our girls reached day 300 of their pregnancy today, Princess Mallika and Sienna, both are looking rather round, in fact Mallika is huge, I'm just hoping it's all baby and not just fat!  We didn't have any of the girls scanned last year so I am relying on spit offs and both these girls are maidens so won't be familiar with what is expected of them round the boys, although both were very keen to be mated.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

I have also been battered by high bad...I didn't even bother to put the alpacas out !....Just couldn't take the risk trying to oipen the barn doors !!!!! we have had a sit in today !....I don't think anyone minded at all !!......Jayne

Denise said...

The wind speed on our weather station registered over 26mph quite a few times during the day and it never dropped lower than 19mph. Very breezy