Saturday, 5 March 2011

Helping hands

With my brother Colin, sister-in-law Sarah and niece Faith visiting this weekend not only was my job list long, but so was theirs!  Faith has been telling me all week what I'd got to do with her when she arrived, which included playing, bath time, bedtime and getting up time. 

So this morning I thought it only fair that she came to help with the morning feeding routine, mummy and daddy came to help too.  Here she is getting braver every time she visits, the littlies were able to eat carrot from her hand today, but only if the glove stayed on.

After the youngsters had had their breakfast it was down the the big girls, they push hard on the tub so mummy needed to help this time.

Next job on the list is filling the hay mangers. 
At tea time we left mummy in the house to start cooking tea and Faith and I headed off to feed on our own, and look how brave she was this time 'I do it on my own Debbie'.

It didn't take Ursula long to realise there was a new feeder!
As Faith had been so helpful with feeding and Colin was helping Paul with a few paddock jobs, anyone who follows our Twitters will have seen the photo's of the boys at work, we had plenty of times to play too.

Having got her all dirty and wore her out I thought it only right that I did bath time and bedtime and hopefully getting up time will be mummy or daddy's job!!


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Looks like a fantastic day for every one...Faith did a good job at feeding time......I think the alpacas appreciated her .......Jayne

Patou Alpacas said...

Very nice, but what's with the sideways photos?

Unknown said...

Lovely...have you changed outfits during the photo shoot Debbie...or is that a double?!!

Shirley said...

It's good that Faith doesn't seem concerned by all the big beasties around her, and they don't seem worried by her - or is the food more important? Our boys are always very wary if children are around. Lovely photos. Shirley & Robbie

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos and that extra pair of hands being very helpful. No doubt Aunty Debbie will have a list for Faith to do next time she comes!